About Us

Welcome!! We are FIRST Robotics Team 1742 Shockwave from the Pre-Engineering program at Moore Norman Technology Center located in Norman, Oklahoma. As a team we are determined to promote FIRST, STEM and other important causes through the use of robotics programs and community outreach. Shock What? Shockwave!!!!

Our roots at Moore Norman Technology Center have provided us everything we need in order to become a FIRST Robotics team. In our classes we learn important skills through a two year Project Lead the Way Pre-Engineering program. It combines math, science and technology fundamentals to model the engineering field. Whether it is hands on projects or studying in the classroom, we are always learning valuable lessons for the future.

FIRST Robotics was introduced to us in 2006 where we competed in the Oklahoma Regional for our rookie season. Since then, our team has grown tremendously. Our team now includes juniors and seniors at Moore Norman Technology Center as well as students from public high schools. We have succeeded more and more every year with accomplishments such as: winning competitions, helping the community, sponsoring lego league teams and becoming an example for FIRST Robotics. As a progressive team, we look to inspire young creative minds to become the next generation of innovators and problem solvers.

Leadership, teamwork and exercising the brain have transformed our team. We have become the closest friends and encouraged each other. Confidence in each other has brought us a long way. In this, we hope to interest others in our journey and grow to become technology leaders.

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Team 1742's work is not just done in the lab. In fact, our team is an active force in the Moore and Norman communities.  We began our community commitment with our technology center's "Adopt a Family" program.  Each year we adopt children of families facing financial difficulties and buy them gifts for the holiday season.

Along with supporting those less fortunate, Shockwave Team 1742 is at the forefront in terms of promoting STEM opportunities to students in Moore and Norman. Our push for STEM education has become the core promotion to the community. We've communicated with many great leaders about the values of STEM and the future of education, one including the Lieutenant Governor of Oklahoma Todd Lamb. We took a trip out to the Oklahoma capitol and interested both elementary students and Todd Lamb in our FIRST efforts. In our meeting with Todd Lamb, we discovered his all out support for STEM as well as FIRST robotics teams across the country. Todd Lamb, now an honorary member of Shockwave, has provided a progressive boost to the world of Science, Technology, Math and Science in Oklahoma. In addition to our relationship with Todd Lamb, we have put FIRST and STEM on display for live television. Hosting Fox 25 showed of our robots, STEM and the message of FIRST to our biggest audience ever. In our efforts to show off FIRST, viewers were able to interest themselves in FIRST robotics.

In order to interest people more, we have presented to many of the communities' civic clubs, state legislators, the Noble Foundation, the Oklahoma State School Board Association, the Oklahoma Career Tech Convention in Tulsa, the Oklahoma Pre-Engineering Conference, Career Tech Directors, schools outside our districts, local school boards, the chamber of commerce, and the Rotary and Lion’s Clubs about FIRST and the importance of STEM education. Each year, we invite advanced math students in the eighth grade to the Oklahoma City Regional. We provide team T-shirts, bus transportation, and make sure they feel like they are part of Shockwave Team 1742.

Getting the younger generation excited about FIRST programs is one of Shockwave's largest goals. So in response to our goals, we have raised over $55,ooo to fund and mentor three FLL teams. Shockwave volunteers as refs, judges and mentors to the FLL teams across Oklahoma. We are extremely pumped to teach these kids and make FIRST a program they will come back to.  

Every year Shockwave helps to host a Robot Showcase at the Science Museum of Oklahoma. This gives teams a chance to prepare for the upcoming FRC competition as well as make friends with local teams.

Part of Shockwave's preparation for the FRC regional is getting a huge audience to "Pack the House" at the Oklahoma Regional. Recently, we launched our Pack the House initiative in which we hand out free tickets to get people to attend the Oklahoma Regional. One of our most recent efforts was inside the Thunder Arena where we showed of our robot "Kevin Dubot" and handed out tickets to fans.